Get Familiar with CT’s own D. Ardee: Fast Travels Alone

With Fast Travels Alone, D. Ardee provides his audience with an eclectic style, exploring the depths and many subgenres of Hip-Hop and Rap. Through his music, he experiments with numerous cadences and melodic flows with sounds originating from across the country and even overseas. As a writer, D. Ardee uses complex rhyme schemes and many literary techniques to not only give people something to dance to but to bring light to the circumstances that society forces us to experience. Growing up with Cape Verdean parents, this artist was exposed to countless styles of music from across the globe at a very young age, and utilizes this with the combination of Urban music to unify all groups of people throughout the world.

#DominoEffectPodcast: Poor Snake Ep 60

On the 60th episode #DEP discusses black activists in interracial relationships, the whole #SheaMoisture debacle, kids walking in on their parents doin the nasty and Domino predicts Troy Ave's demise. Only on the #DominoEffectPodcast

#DominoEffectPodcast: Baby GOAT Ft. Wasionkey & Ecka Gee

This episode, the crew sits with 203 crooner Wasionkey and his personal stylist ECKÀ Gee. Topic wise, we discuss celebs and crime, relationships, Kendrick album, Troy Average and his death wishes. We also talk to Wasi about his career thus far, his hit single "No.body" receiving 2+ million streams, inspiration, and so much more.

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